FORGE Youth Mentoring launched in 2018, but in a short time, has already made huge strides towards our goal of serving 10,000 kids through our mission of connecting generations to restore hope in communities and help young people discover their God-given potential.  

We have grown to serve kids in 15 cities, first in Washington, then Oregon, Hawaii, and Idaho.  Our strategy is to continue to expand our chapter/franchise model throughout the Northwest and around nation, strengthening small towns to large cities.

Research shows that at least one-third of the youth population not only lack positive adult role-models, but desire to have these caring adults in their lives.  Therefore, our goal with each chapter is to serve this number, providing each with a stable and consistent adult mentor.  This is a very lofty goal, but we are determined to meet the great need.





Our model is simple, efficient, and exciting – yielding groundbreaking results that prove our effectiveness.  That is why we have confidence moving forward.

We recognize that most people interested in helping young people are not interested in performing the administrative elements that come with it in the social services/non-profit world.


That is what makes FORGE’s model so amazing.  Our National Office takes on most administrative roles, including; bookkeeping, data management, marketing/media development, training & resource development, fundraising, and more.  This service to our local chapters allows them to fully focus on what they love – recruiting participants and making mentor matches so that kids may be helped!




Would you like to see FORGE serving your community?  We can do that !  To get us into your city is not that hard.  Here are the steps we’d ask you to take in helping us bring our services:

Think and pray about people in your area who are interested in helping youth

Make a list and begin contacting them

Contact us to receive flyers/handouts to share with friends and pastors

Help us connect with at least one interested pastor/church leader

Work with us to set a location and time to host an information & planning meeting

We take it from there, teaming with you an the interested individuals and churches to set a foundation for a FORGE Chapter.  We will begin raising funds, forming partnerships (with churches, schools, and youth serving agencies), and recruiting potential mentors, mentees, and volunteers.

For more information on getting a FORGE chapter into your area – or maybe in the town where you grew up – contact our National Executive Director, Todd Kleppin, at (509) 438-1918 or  You can also make an inquiry through our contact page.



While this list is constantly growing, here is the most current list of cities served by FORGE.  We look forward to adding your city soon!


  • Mattawa
  • Kennewick
  • Pasco
  • Richland
  • Benton City
  • Yakima


  • Hermiston
  • Irrigon
  • Umatilla
  • Ontario


  • Maui


  • Phoenix (Fall 2022)