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One young person shared with us, “I just needed someone to talk to. I know my friends feel the same way.” He shared that there was ”no one there for him except his mentor”, to listen and offer insight. He had lost hope in school and with his family, and his friendships were taking him down a wrong path. But, his life changed for good through his mentor, who helped him feel valued and encouraged.

Kids need positive adults present in their lives. We as adults understand that – but, so do young people. Though we don’t hear and see that often, kids will admit that they appreciate and respect when adults even take the time to say “hi” and listen for a response, or even more, get to know them and offer encouragement.

Help us provide this much needed connection for hundreds of other kids in need of a supportive and inspiring adult mentor. Donate today!


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Your Donation Funds FORGE’s Continual Work of:
1. Recruiting, Training, and effectively Screening mentors and program volunteers
2. Garnering church partnerships and presenting to congregations
3. Securing youth referral agencies (schools, counseling agencies, youth serving programs, etc.)
4. Raise funding base to provide for the budget and long-term stability
5. Promote the need for and strategies in mentoring to the community

Why Youth Mentoring Needs Funding

Mentoring has been proven be a preventive tool in helping young people establish identity, learn new skills, discover their God-given potential, and set goals to achieve success and find joy. These intentional cross-generational connections are shown to create sustainable positive change and provide young people access to hopeful and experienced counsel.

Forge’s model delivers the highest results as it focuses on empowering mentors with tools and inspiration, uses well trained volunteers to fill key programming roles, and teams with the local church at a deep level to access many potential volunteers.

Why is Mentoring is Needed More than Ever
Think back to when you were growing up. Who mentored you, giving you the tools you needed to succeed in life? Many in the older generations can name several caring adults who shaped their lives and made them who they are today. Unfortunately, times have changed…

…Today, our country is in crisis as negative and destructive behavior by young people continues to rise. Youth are struggling with an increasing number of mental health problems, crime and gang activity, teen pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse. All this while we see falling rates of school attendance and completion, and job preparedness among youth and young adults.

Even our churches are being significantly affected as 18-22 year old’s are leaving the church like never before. Much is being questioned about life, while connection to safe and positive adults who can offer sound answers has been dramatically reduced.

We need your help to impact the generations to come
By donating to Forge, you’ll join a powerful team of Donors who will bring change today and leave a legacy! Contact us to learn more about investing in future through mentoring or complete this form to help TODAY!

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