Easter 2022: Mentor like Jesus

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Easter 2022: Mentor like Jesus

Easter is one of those holidays a lot of people know about, fewer celebrate, and even less truly lean into the meaning of. Easter is a celebration of a miracle. Not just a miracle, but a life-changing extraordinary event.

There is a man, one of the best mentors we could ever learn from. His name is Jesus and he is the Son of God. Jesus came and mentored 12 people here on Earth. Throughout his life, he impacted even more— a countless number. But there were 12 that he was close with. He called them his disciples but we could also use the word “mentees”. These mentees were young people who Jesus taught, loved, and supported throughout life. He took them under his wing and helped them.

When Jesus was killed, his friends and family mourned. They thought Jesus was supposed save them, how could he do that from his grave? Three days later, Jesus conquered Satan and came back from the dead. He died so that we may live. However, within Jesus’ life, he had spent enough time with his mentees that they knew what to do. They carried the memories and lessons of Jesus in their hearts and began to share the love that they had received from their friend. They began to change the world.

As we celebrate the miracle of Jesus and recognize the power of his sacrifice— to free us from the evil in the world. Let us reflect on our own lives. How are we mentoring? How are we teaching, loving, and supporting in a way that people who come after us can still be impacted by our love and devotion? I’m sure it doesn’t mean death on a cross or death at all. In fact, for most of us, it’s something much simpler. Find someone to love.

You may feel overwhelmed with life like you have no time. Maybe you feel like you aren’t qualified or don’t know what to do. I promise you that if Jesus’ mission on Earth involved finding people outside of his family to love and mentor, our mission involves that too.

Right now, in our Yakima, Tri-Cities, and Maui chapters, we have over 50 kids at FORGE Youth Mentoring who have reached out and said “I want to be mentored, I want an adult that can be there for me, help me, and simply show me love.” What better time to fill a need in the community than as we reflect on the beauty of this life-changing extraordinary event.