Overcoming ACEs with Mentors

So many young people are significantly affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). But the latest research is showing that positive influence of committed and stable adults can help them overcome these challenges.

“…about individuals who seem to overcome… there are some very clear findings that have come across all of these different contexts, but the top of the list is always the presence of some kind of supportive relationship.”, says Dr. Jack Shonkoff, Director, Harvard Center on the Developing Child.

Harvard’s findings bring hope as we see that Positive Childhood Experiences (PSEs) provided by caring adults can outweigh the negative and help young people set a new course forward in dealing with the past, finding their identity, and making healthy choices for their lives.

We at FORGE are excited that our trained mentors can be a part of effectively helping young people. Sometimes we may wonder if one person can really make a difference, but be encouraged, as the continued research shows that the answer is “YES’!

“Safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments can be protective for kids who are experiencing adversity. Sometimes it only takes is one person…to make a difference in that child’s entire future.” – Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Founder and CEO, Center for Youth Wellness