Share Your Fun

Many kids have never experienced those hobbies and activities you enjoy most. But those experiences can shape their future in ways you’d never expect. Recently, one mentor match took a huge step forward in building the teenager’s confidence, identity, and hopeful outlook on life.

Their activity was simply to hike to the top of Badger Mountain. Most of us wouldn’t think much about it as it’s really not much of a “mountain”. But to a young man who had never accomplished something like that, it was a huge victory – especially after a few failed attempts! This experience helped him feel the excitement of victory through persistence and overcoming. It also brought him a literal and figurative new outlook on the world.

What do you love doing? You had to learn how to do that at one time. Didn’t you feel excited when you first accomplished it? How about showing that to a young person and giving them the same joy and life-altering perspective.

Our EXPERIENCE PARTNERS program allows adults from our community to simply offer an activity/experience that a few mentor matches will take advantage of each year. Forge keeps a list of partners and their experiences as kids have interest. So, all we ask is 3-4 hours per year. Small sacrifice for such a massive impact to a young person.

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