We’re Still Talking About This?

One of our mentor matches, Tom and Aden, recently went bowling for a fun event. They had a great time perfecting their skills and playing a competitive game. In the end, 11-year-old Aden won. “To this day, he still won’t let me forget it”, said Tom.


Tom and Aden have only been matched for 7 months, but their friendship is already growing. They have enjoyed activities such as eating ice cream in the mall, flying kites at the park, playing catch in the front yard, golfing, going fishing, and watching Spiderman together.


Nonetheless, Aden’s favorite memory is beating his mentor at a bowling match. This goes to show how simple mentoring truly is. Aden mentioned that the best part about having a mentor is getting to “learn new things and try things you may not have tried before.”


In the same way, Tom says that hanging out with Aden is relaxing and fun. “It’s a small investment with a big impact.”


Have you been looking for a way to use your hobbies and interests to make a difference in your community? According to Tom, “becoming a youth mentor and connecting with kids in the community is a blessing to yourself, too.”


Even if you find yourself saying “Wait… we’re still talking about that time you beat me at bowling?”, at least you’ve become an adult that your mentee can talk to.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Visit our “Mentors” page for more information, we would love to connect!