Youth Mentoring in Maui

Forge Youth Mentoring strives to connect generations to restore hope in our communities and to help keiki discover and pursue their full potential. We accomplish this by bringing two worlds together through the power of mentorship. Adult mentors have the opportunity to learn from and pour into young people who desperately WANT and need their support. Through mentoring, keiki are able to overcome adversity to pursue their dreams, goals, and passions.

Forge has served


youth in Maui.

Mentoring Keiki thanks to a Partnership with Village of Hope

Bud White, Volunteer Chapter Director for Maui

Nestor Fontanilla, Community Coordinator

FORGE Youth Mentoring launched on Maui in 2020, right in the middle of the COVID pandemic, thanks to a partnership with Village of Hope Maui and Bud White, a great former mentor who moved from the mainland years ago. Through VOH and Bud's volunteering, we've been able to serve many keiki on the island who are in the foster care system. This has been an incredible journey of helping kids in great need and we look forward to serving all keiki in need of a mentor.

We've also built a great connection and partnership with Nestor Fontanilla, who runs Royal Family Kids Camp Maui. He's greatly connected with many churches in the area as well as agencies, and has joined our volunteer team as our Community Coordinator. He's already been been developing new partnerships and recruiting participants.

Bud’s Phone: (808) 463-9608

Nestor’s Phone: (808) 385-6789

Email: Maui@forgeyouthmentoring.org

Bringing the Community Together

Because of great people like YOU and wonderful churches and youth-serving organizations, FORGE Youth Mentoring is currently serving keiki on the island of Maui. We will continue to expand throughout this and the other Hawaiian islands as we continue to develop more partnerships and receive requests from individuals willing to help us reach further.

What role will you play with FORGE in helping keiki discover and pursue their potential? Take a look at the opportunities below and choose, today, how you can use your talents, skills, and passion to help change young people's lives!

Be a Youth Mentor in Maui

Forge needs you to help carry out our mission on the islands. We are always looking for volunteer mentors who are willing to spend time with keiki and be a positive, caring adult.

Find a Mentor!

Being a young person is very difficult, these days. Oftentimes, it can be great to have an adult that listens without judgement and simply offers support. Sign up to get a mentor today!

Support FYM Hawaii

Forge has many needs in order to continue offer free youth mentoring on the islands. Partner financially with us today to help us provide every keiki in need with a caring adult mentor.

Be a Recruiter

Forge is able to make an impact in the community through the partnership of churches, businesses and other organizations. You can help us connect to your spheres of influence to help us recruit mentors, volunteers, and donors to build our program here on the islands.

Become an Experience Partner

Experience Partners are volunteers who share a life-skill, hobby, educational, or career experience with a number of mentor matches, providing hands-on opportunities for mentees helping them discover new interests and develop future paths to success.