Everyone one of us needs a positive mentor – even adults.  A mentor is simply a friend who is older. This person is willing to take the time to build a trusting relationship, hang out, give encouragement, and be a role model to help you grow.  Their view of life and successes have come from learning through their many experiences. They are there for you when you need help or have questions.

Youth who join Forge Youth Mentoring have a great time experiencing new activities, sharing their hobbies and interests with their mentor, and get to try things they’ve always hoped to enjoy.  


Does my child need a mentor?

All of us benefit from having a mentor. They teach us things we couldn’t learn on our own. They also help us avoid poor choices that bring negative consequences. Our mentors focus on supporting your child and encouraging them to become a strong and resilient young adult.

Will the mentor replace me as the parent?

No. Mentors are safe adult friends for young people. They are not a parent and do not assume any roles of the parent. They hope to support you by modeling proper communication skills and attitudes to your child in order to help your parent-child relationship.

How often does my child meet with their mentor?

Mentor matches meet weekly for at least one hour, for a minimum of one calendar year.

What do the mentor matches do together?

The mentor and mentee choose their activities and gain approval from the parent/guardian. Activities can be things like: sporting events, hobbies and crafts, seeing animals at the humane society, visiting museums, service projects, hanging out, and much more.

How do I know the mentor is safe?

Mentors go through a comprehensive application and screening process. They attend information classes, complete a written application, secure 4 references, participate in an interview, complete an exhaustive national background check, sign a behavior and guidelines contract, and if all results are positive, they are approved by a team of screeners. In addition, once they are matched with your child, you will receive regular contact from the Match Support Coach to seek your perspective on the health of the mentor match and to address any concerns you may have. Mentors are expected to fully adhere to Mentoring Standards at all times – with no exceptions.

What does Forge look for in a mentor?

We seek safe, caring, and patient adults from the faith community who demonstrate a: Genuine interest in spending time with a young person Positive and hopeful attitude Humble heart that’s ready to encourage and support Respect and empathy towards others Desire to find helpful solutions and growing opportunities Flexibility to sometimes adapt “on the fly”